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Air pollution causing miscarriages in the  community .


Community alerts/ Katlego Malesa/ Ga- Makgopa /31-08-2018, 15:30]

 The community of Ga- Makgopa Sekhukhune under fetakgomo Tubatse    municipality…the community is facing serious challenges of miscarriages that is occurring ever since the begging of a new operating  chrome mine called Sefateng based In Sefateng only divided by the mountain …the mine has been operating for about three years now and its  bringing negative impact to the community    members, especially women. The dust that is conducted whenever blasting take place affect women and at least more than 15 people have had miscarriages up to far..so the health impacts of dust is respiratory problem, lung disease, sinuses, asthma, pre-birth which is miscarriages. so its a huge and painful thing for women in the community hence they are not aware that all this miscarriages might be from the air pollution and the dust they breath every day, all the mine particles that they can’t see that is caused by blasting…

Story by Katlego Malesa