Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/22/09/2018


The community of Motlhabe is one of the Mine hosting communities which are still facing dust pollution caused by mine heavy vehicles. Motlhabe has been hosting Pilanesberg platinum Mine for a period of ten years now (2008-2018) and when it comes to developing Motlhabe they ignore us as they know that we lack on knowledge such as our rights as a mine hosting community.

This issue affects mostly people from the 16 section (and those who live just next to the unpaved road) which is based exactly on Motlhabe entrance and it is close to the Mine side than other sections. the dust is more/worse in several times during the day because the mine shifts happen more than twice per day and most people come home late around 17:00. PPM has to assist the community by paving the gravel road to help reduce the dust that increases the number of lung diseases. By Lentswe Buda