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Dust in Mfidikwe Bokamoso

Community Alerts/Velile Khoza/Mfidikwe-Rustenburg/19/09/2018

Today at around 16:45 we the mining-affected communities of ward 34 saw a huge cloud dust covering the whole of this Mfidikwe village, Bokamoso human settlement, and Zakhele squatter camp. The dust arose from the slump dumps that are being rehabilitated by Fraser Alexander as a contractor to Anglo American.

This slump dump has been lying unattended by Anglo American for over 75 year’s, and according to my research I found out that  in 2012 when Anglo American closed the shaft they were already done the sampling for slump dump and research about the minerals that are contained by slump dump their sampling revealed that the slump dumps contains +- 65 of platinum another minerals and this company called Anglo claims that their assets were sold to Sibanye Still Water.

And I’ve carried on with my research to such extent where the truth surface that Anglo American closed shafts here in Mfidikwe because of slump dumps now this slump dumps are causing dust and they don’t care about the communities residing nearby its violation of human rights. By Velile Khoza