Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Illegal dumpsites and poor electrical connections

Community Alerts/Kennedy Pholose/Thekwana-Rustenburg/22/09/2018

Illegal dumping is a pain on the community when asked the affected pointed fingers to the tenants and the truck that collected refuse bins. They are only using the main roads ignoring other streets. Dead animals, used disposable nappies and other things that should be disposed of professionally are found at these dumpsites. People are sold free refuse bags yet no one is responsible even though it was reported numerously at Royal Bafokeng Authority waste management office. The outer laying of Thekwana village is the dumping site for ungrateful and ignorant people who disregard the health of other people and animals.

Low hanging electrical cables and leaning electrical poles poses danger to the people, vehicles, and houses of Thekwana residents. In certain areas, people have pass cables millimeters above their heads. Worst is missing, opened white boxes on the poles, negligent splicing and cable connections. Eskom’s breakdowns are not done professionally, installation of electrical poles is not done according to the type of soil they work in to avoid leaning and falling poles. By Kennedy Pholose