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Community alerts/Mmathapelo Thobejane/Ditwebeleng village/28-08-2018/, 14:14]

Today on 27/08/2018 SEJN, Livestock owners representative and Mine representative met the Department of Agriculture.

After the meeting we had last week SEJN  (Mmathapelo),Mine  ( Mr. Mmutle) and Mr. Maakhudu  (Livestock owners representative) we had a meeting with Dpt of agriculture regarding the Grazing camp . Draft business plan for the project and to Gather all necessary documents that is needed before the project can start . We had a successful meeting and we managed to get most of the document wanted we are looking forward for  great project and to see livestock owners benefiting from the Mine. The department is helping  willing to help with any information needed like giving guidance on what type of grass is good for our soul and to do soil sampling.

Story by: Mmathapelo Thobejane