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Mines exploiting Communities for a way in

Community alerts, Mpumalanga, Phola/Ogies, Millicent Shungube, 2018/09/06

These mines are really exploiting communities especially when they enter in our communities, they promise us development and that they will provide the community with most needed centres for the community. As Phola we also became South 32’s victims. They came and built a Business Hub that they claimed will be utilized by local entrepreneurs and it will give them opportunities at South 32. little did we know that it was their way to enter our community while they extract our minerals. The centre only served it’s purpose for a year then it was closed due to printers having no ink or internet access and later they claimed the centre is no longer safe. my question is why did they bring something that did not benefit the community while they are making billions out of our minerals, why didn’t they built us a 24hour’s clinic since they are polluting our air which causes us all kind of sicknesses than that locked building they claimed it will bring opportunities and employment where is the transparency!!!