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 Not just a noise but its smelly air

Community alerts/Clifford Mohuba/ Atok, Monametse/31-08-2018, 07:11]

Monametse and Mokgotho community has been living with the loud and smelly ventilation for quite a long time now,

there’s this ventilation that is near to the community of Ga-Mokgotho  (Ga- Mokgotho it is at east side of Braakfontein shaft still fall under monametse community just that the mine has separated us) it’s noisy

and it’s very close to other houses

while there’s other one that’s in other side of monametse even though it’s not noisy but still it’s toxic air isn’t good for people and it’s measures as 356 Meters to Malengine secondary school where there’s hundreds of learners

,even though we have no idea how bad it can be since we inhale it but we  think its toxic air is very  bad for people and the kids living around it,

Story by Clifford Mohuba

Malengine Corruption Watch (MCW)