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On the 11 Sep 2018, I went back to the school as a follow-up meeting

Community Alerts/Amogelang Tshabalala-Rustenburg/12/09/2108

Few school teachers and the principal took me to the maths and science lab it was very upsetting. The mine built that lab and the windows have no handles, shelves are being balanced, they gave the school the old tables and chairs, it is very disgusting the way that lab is looking it looks like it was built by amateurs. The school used its own budget to finish up building the lab and the school is complaining that they don’t have the money and they were not put a budget to finish the lab that was built by the mine. The lab is in the bad condition as it looks now. We agreed that we will make a plan to arrange the meeting with the mine and see if we can make some kind of arrangement that will help the school and the learners. The lab now is not working and the school wants to use it as soon as possible. By Amogelang Tshabalala