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Protest in submission of a memorandum of demands

Community alerts, Mpumalanga, Middelburg,Bafana, 2018/09/07

Today in Middelburg, Moumalanga, there was a protest march to hand over a memorandum to Londani mine.

The protest march was organised by different unemployed people structures, we organised ourselves in the name of Greater Middelburg Unemployment Forum the memorandum had the following demands:

1.Complete implementation of SLP
2.Transparent recruitment process.
3. Skills Development.
4. 30% Social responsibility.
5. Centralized procurement
6. All appointment done without the structures involvement be nullified and reversed ( Employment & Business)
7. All contractual appointment and agreements must be tabled to confirm their duration
8. Clean environment that is not harmful to anyone
9. All contractors of Londani mine must participate in the meetings and for the implementation of all the above including SLP.

10. Decision makers must be part of the meetings no messengers.