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Sewerage pump station next to a wetland

Community alerts, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Susan Moraba, 2018/09/10

A wetland is a very important source of water as the people of ext 16 in Emalahleni are facing a challenge as some construction work is disturbing the wetland by digging up next to it, as said they are building a sewerage pump station.
The contract is not clear whether is from the municipality or a certain company as there was an incident before they barricaded the area whereby a child fell in the hole and the construction stopped for a while as the local Municipal was approached and said they will come to the site and explain but never showed up till today.
At the construction site there is no name but only signs of no entry and construction site.
The construction is +-30 metres away from the wetland and +-10 metres away from the houses and the nearby houses are built on top of the wetland as they have dugged pit toilets and are always full of water. The construction workers are now draining water from the hole they are digging and its drying up. One of the construction person asked if the draining of water is helpful as it’s next to a wetland, he said it’s better but making their work difficult as they drain today tomorrow when they come the water is there, they are draining the water on the ground and it flows into the wetland.
More investigation continues