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Building participation and advocacy among mining communities,CSO’s

Community Alerts, Mpumalanga, Carolina, Lorraine Kakaza, 2018/10/03

Building participation and advocacy among mining communities,CSO’s

This is the National Workshop on legislative processes and mining communities

By IANRA, Action Aid and Benchmarks Foundation working on EU project.

IANRA was formed in 2008 with 50 organisation working in 14 countries

Different mining affected communities from different organisations were present such as LAMOSA,BMF community monitors,SEJA,VEM
GPOWF, African World Climate that engage with parliament and provincial government.

EU Project will be running for 20 months it’s a two and a half year of which is due by June 2020

The aim of the project is for communities to be able to document and deal with  issues that they are facing.
-There will be Provincial dialogues
-Provincial advocacy team from community members to be able to plan and liaise with others to say if this has worked and not worked, these could establish other relationships.

Today’s workshop is to share our experiences

Presentation by Hassan
base on Mining, the Law ,the Charter and the struggle …..

He touched on the Objectives of the MPRDA and emphasized on section 24 – that Everyone has a right to a clean environmental which is not harmful-Accountability would be e effective if it was adhered to and polluters would paying for polluting and section 2(h) explaining that Everything corporates and government do they say they do to promote the rights in the constitution which is not true.

He further said *We need to challenge the Mining Charter as well as the MPRDA.

David van Wyk also presented the report from the respiratory health problems project of mpuMpumala in Emalahleni and Phola/ Ogies which is an ongoing project of the benchmarks foundation funded by different internarional organizations. The project based in mining affected communities. Implicating it with the IPSS which is currently practiced by activists in Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Limpopo and North West where activists are also trained to build up cases and preparing to engage with relevant stakeholders such as corporates and government.