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Grazing Camps updates from SEJN

Community alerts/ Mmathapelo Thobejane/Ditwebeleng village/01-10-2018, 2:30 PM]

On Tuesday 25 September 2018 the project of grazing camp started the TLB machine from the mine Twickenham started to prepare the land where the camps is going to take place. Livestock Owners Representatives from the villages that are affected by the mine canals from Hackney and Twickenham shaft says the process started as promised and they were looking for Bulldozers but they started with TLB until they manage to get the Bulldozer. He also mentioned that they are happy of this initiative and it looks promising.


We managed to send one of SEJN representative to look at the process today Monday 1 October unfortunately Victoria Makgoo find that the TLB broke (breakdown) early in the morning around 9:00 and it was taken to the mine to fix it. But they will definitely comes back as soon as it is repaired.

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