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Community alerts/ Katlego Malesa/ Ga- Makgopa14-09-2018, 12:01 PM]

It’s been a year now that the chrome illegal mining has stop operating at Ga-Makgopa village Sekhukhune Limpopo, and the village look like a dumping area. There is big deep ore that is left all over the village and has not being closed by the illegal miners and investors when they left, now that there are gone people, kids, livestock’s are left In danger.


The community has engaged with the tribal authority about this and since the investors where asking permission from their office, first we thought they would have solution for this matter…the only respond we would get is there was nothing they can do hence the investors are gone with the machine to close the ores. So we have asked them to write a letter to government to assist and they promised to do so, and if they fail as community we will write that letter to the state yourself to seek help closing the ore…


Story by Katlego Malesa (SCMAC)