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Social Market Event

Community alerts/ Victoria Makgoo/ Morapaneng village/02-10-2018, 12:05 PM]

Saturday 29/09/2018 i was part of the Morapaneng Social Market Organizer by the young person from my hood Morapaneng, the event the purpose was to create business opportunities and market to local entrepreneurs and also as part of entertainment and to keep youth busy and to show their talents. The program was to start initiative of supporting each local business people. The event went well even though we are facing challenges because most of people are unemployed now since the mine is on care and maintenance. What i realized is that some youth they don’t understand social market meant and as from today they will support our local business because they will budget and they where thinking is for entertainment only.

But this is just the beginning and we hope for improvement in future.

Story by: Victoria Makgoo (SEJN)