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Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/03/10/2018

The walls around us,
The walls that hears,
The walls that see,
The walls that speaks,
That promised roof over our heads,
That promised food on our tables,
That claimed democracy,
All in black and white, not in reality.
And divided us in black and white.
How devious these walls are!

Berlins demolished Berlin wall,
Vietnamese fought colonization,
Black man abolished slavery and cheap labour,
South Africans fought apartheid,
How powerful we can be.

The serfs torrid.
The patience of the somnambulist.
The hope for victory.
Warriors die fighting, not on knees.
Warriors dream and follow.
Heaven, it’s on the next lifetime,
We have to demolish these walls.
The pain will last for a minute,
The glory will last for a lifetime.
By Lentswe Buda