Community alerts/ Gilbert Moela/ Atok, Monametse/17-09-2018, 9:46 AM]

Battle lines have been drawn as two factions in Atok Nodal Point,  Tubatse-Fetakgomo in Limpopo claiming to be representing the communities around Bokoni Platinum Mine are at each other’s throats. Atok Mining Community Stakeholder Engagement Forum (AMCSEF), which has been in the forefront for the past 4 years is been accused by some community members including royal houses of mismanagements of community funds, nepotism and corruption. Some members of the structure have since started a break-away structure with an aim of fighting AMCSEF with a hope of emancipating the masses from the claws of corruption and nepotism.

The break-away faction have also resorted to a vote of no confidence motion which has let to them also approaching the Government Facilitating Task Team (GFTT) which was initially given a task to oversee AMCSEF. The tension between the two factions have reach a boiling point to an extend that the communities around Bokoni Platinum Mine are caught between a hard place and a rock. With the tensions going on the mine has also thrown its weight behind the new structure, employing the divide and rule tactic. On the Friday of 14 September 2018 the new structure took further steps by invading the office of the Premier(Limpopo) demanding that he must issue a just administrative action and declare AMCSEF dissolved to allow a proper channel to conduct new elections. Apparently AMCSEF has also arranged to follow the same route on 17 September 2018 to counter-attack the move.

All that has let to some of the community projects as per Bokoni Platinum Mine’s SLP has been put on hold.

More to follow as story unfold.

Story by Gilbert Moela (SCMAC)