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Community Alerts/Dawn Anderson/Riverlea-Soweto/19/11/18

Riverlea Johannesburg, the residents came out in numbers they filled the Recreational Centre hoping to consult with Prasa Rail on offer made for CLO and general workers employment for the community of Ward 68, however, Prasa did not pitch.The community was told that Siemens was awarded a contract from Prasa in 2012 to upgrade the new railway system for new trains manufactured by the government.   The project belongs to the community of Ward 68.  It is moving project two to three months.
Siemens contractor said,  they not making false promises to cause conflict as some of our leadership. The community was reminded again that the project belongs to the people.  It will be moving from one area to another in a small space of time.
The aim is for local people to find employment,  it was introduced to the councillor of Ward 68 and other councilors in a meeting.  Government wants an updated, modernized rail system that’s upgraded and safe for blue train to be running safely in 2020. By Dawn Anderson