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Community alerts/Francina Nkosi/ Lephalale/25-10-2018, 11:09 PM]

 We take note that the quality of air remains a cause of concern as statistics shows that urban air pollution is linked to up to 2 million premature death worldwide and furthermore that more than 1 billion people worldwide are exposed to outdoor air pollution annually. Medupi power station is emitting freely because ESKOM doesn’t want to install FGD machine that uses less water.

Monitoring stations have been set up to monitor the air quality in Marapong.It is used to identify the main sources of pollution in the communities and to determine the improvement in air quality as the interventions are implemented. To  monitor continuously  PM10 , PM2.5 , sulphur dioxide , wind speed and directions  .

As a community organisation we requested  information from DEA regarding the state of air in Lephalale from the Air quality monitoring system which have been installed or put in place at Marapong Dithekom primary School .


By Francina Nkosi