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Dust from the tailing covers N1 and Soweto high way and blowing to Diepkloof when it is windy these is what is happening now

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Diepkloof-Soweto/05/11/18

When dust covers the N1 and Soweto high way people driving can’t see were they going and this kind of an environment can cause accidents hence why motorists must be careful when driving in such environment when one looks at houses in Mogase one finds that there’s isn’t even one dust bucket

The problem is the dust from the tailing  that is blown when it is windy and these are taking place across Soweto high way and N1 facing Diepkloof, these took place at 16:00 and these is affecting people driving because dust covers the way in which they using and also the people living in Diepkloof zone 4 and zone 3 and Noorgesig to add because dust is blown inside houses and the cause is the poor rehabilitation done on the tailings of 17 shaft and Diepkloof tailing hence when it is windy there’s dust, the private company doing that work of planting grass, trees and watering sand on tailings still that doesn’t help. By Rapule Moiloa