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Engagement with government officials

Community alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakoane/ Moroke , Sekutlong/07-11-2018, 9:52 AM]

Today on 07 November I got a call from Department of Water and Sanitation after i send an email on 04 October to report Water pollution. I meet with one of them Mr. Lerutla at Motse River around Moroke Sekutlong village I was with Mr. Nkwana, he said he came here to open a case against Twickenham mine and he promised to be back to us. When I was sharing information with other comrades after writing an email they said ” those people they will come to the village after raining and find the River fully think as if I’m lying” indeed it was raining but not to the point of the River can be full, so they didn’t get what they wanted but what favoring us as community. This is just Tactics of our Government.

Story by Tokelo Mahlakoane