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Community alerts/Tokelo Mahlakoane/Moroke, Sekutlong /14/10/2018

In village called Moroke Sekutlong under Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality in Limpopo, the village having a machine that was helping the community to pump the water around 2013 to 2014 until the Machine stop to pump due to lack of water underground, after machine stop to pump the ask certain family to keep that machine until our government see what to do. After those years the family wasn’t keeping that machine, so this year and this month the family was burning rubbish unfortunately the fire goes to machine and the machine got burned. So the family didn’t following the procedure to report this matter after two weeks is where they realised they didn’t follow after the Government didn’t attend that matter and so on Friday they start to do the right thing, Today on 14 October 2018 the ward counsellor attended the matter the way forward is to the police to report the matter so that they can go to Water Affairs. It will take time for community of Sekutlong village to drink a Water.

Story by Tokelo Mahlakoane