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Community alerts/Andries Mocheko/ Lephalale/01-11-2018, 6:24 AM]



Lephalale community justice movement ( LCJM ),  Waterberg Environmental justice forum ( WEJF ) and Evergreen Arts & Culture have on Wednesday met with management of Eskom Medupi, Matimba, Lephalale Local Municipality and Exxaro to discuss the following issues;


* Public Participation

* Environment

* Development

* Equity and Procurement

* Recruitment and Replacement

* Arts and culture including tourism.


“We would like to thank the managers of the  above mentioned companies, LDF Co-ordinator in particular  who responded very positively to our request.


We were very flamboyant and direct when we addressed our issues through presentation, of which companies did not hesitate to pave a way forward on how we can reduce the high rate of unemployment and land pollution in our area.


The other crucial matters we focused our attention on included creating business opportunities for the disadvantaged, looking at progressive programmes that must be commenced at schools and distribution of resources.


The one sad reality in Lephalale has been the continuous turning of a blind eye on the creative sector, therefore we find it of paramount importance that we emphasise recognition of Arts & Culture to sustain local artists in their endeavours for better life through the sector.


We are very confident to inform members of the public that the meeting was constructive and the outcomes present a bright future.”; said WEJF and LCJM Chairpersons AndriesMocheko and Thabo Raliwedzha in their joint statement.


The partnership of LCJM, Ever-Green, Leseding Community Forum and WEJF is called Lephalale Organisations United in Action and intend to run programmes that are based on the interest of blacks, and to undo ignorance on environmental matters.