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Community alerts/ Francine Nkosi/Lephalale/14-10-2018, 7:33 PM]


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At Lephalale town entrance on R510 road opposite PALM PARK HOTEL there is a sewage pump station 23 the smell is terrible. The smell is the notification of arrival for visitors and Tourist in town . Municipality pump sewage to the field then it flows right into Mokol river.



We inhale Airborne bacteria everyday and it causes harm to the respiration. Besides being very smelly, sewage that gets into drinking water can do a great deal of damage to just about every element in the ecosystem. Communities living nearby the river are forced to drink, water their garden and wash laundry with contaminated water. Not forgetting those who swim in the river.



Municipality doesn’t have any license to dispose the sewage .My fear is mosquitoes that will be attracted by wet ground that will cause Malaria. Communities Human Rights are being violated.


By Francina Nkosi