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The Human Rights Commission Inquiry into the Vaal River 2nd round started yesterday in Johannesburg City Council.

Community Alerts/ Mduduzi Tshabalala/Vaal-VEJA/20/11/18



Today is day 2 here at Joburg Theater, testimonials started with City of Ekurhuleni who told the commission that their effluent is within boundaries of legislation.  This was after the City was asked by the commission if had they violated human rights. The Randwater sampling also share the same sentiments of water quality results flowing into the Vaal Barrage Catchment through Blesbokspruit and Klip River.

On the other hand, Sasol put its testifies to the commission and blames the upstream users, (and this is City of Ekurhuleni through the Blesbokspruit and Klip River inflows). Sasol didn’t entirely speak about their impact into the Vaal River rather their focus is more on their newly proposed Water Partnership Network for bulk supplying the industries. By Mduduzi Tshabalala