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Today was the Vaal Triangle Airshed Priority Area MSRGM at Emerald Casino, Vanderbijlpark.

Community Alerts/Mduduzi Tshabalala/ Vaal-VEJA/22/11/18

The State of Ambient Air report states that PM2.5 PM10 is non-compliance at most monitoring stations, this is also significant to Black Carbon floating in the Vaal Air.  Having learned that the department had technical problems with H2S which was not showing at Zamdela station, this leaves the forum with less information about the current impacts.  The department was also supposed to present about the enforcement and compliance and due to unavailability of the person responsible for the presentation, VEJA is of the opinion that DEA is not doing enough to address historic problems in the Vaal Airshed Priority Area. By Mduduzi Tshabalala