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Atok villages has been covered with a cloud of dust

Community alerts/Cliford Mohuba/Atok, Monametse/28/12/2018, 8:24 PM]

During the windy season it’s even worse as village surrounding Bokoni platinum mine will be covered with a cloud of dust
from Bokoni platinum mine’s mine dumps
as the mine is now placed under care and  maintained the tailing dams become dry and very toxic to the community as the wind blew away the fine dust to people and it becomes hazard to their health
the mine dumps are no longer watered
as today 28th December 2018 when we where driving on their dusty gravel road
people where even covering their mouth with some cloth to at least try and protect themselves for not in hailing the dust as it was not good for everyone

we as the community we sitting on a time ticking bomb that that can explode and wipe away our people

Story by
Clifford Mohuba
Malengine Corruption Watch