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Litres of clean water wasted

Community Alerts/ Olebogeng Motene/Rustenburg/15/01/19

South Africa is a water scarce country and it is only wise that we all act  responsibly as citizens and save water as much as we can. But citizens attempt to be responsible goes down the drain when local government does not maintain pipelines nor act faster when pipe busts are reported.

This busted pipe is located along R510 road in Paardekraal across Boitekong mall. This area faces poor water quality and most residents purchase bottled water to avoid waterbourn illnesses.

For few days after the new year’s festivities Paardekraal residents experienced low water volume, this was linked to a water pipe bust in Sunrise near Romochana correctional service. Residents located in Paardekraal assumed it was a routine dam cleaning or pipe change, but while  passing Sunrise on the 10th January from Rustenburg CBD and witnessing Rustenburg Local Municipality water department officials working on the pipe most passengers concluded that the poor water volume they have been experiencing might have been linked to that pipe bust.

On Saturday the 12th while walking to the mall I noticed that near by stream was over following and I assumed it was the sewer from one of the houses, but few more mitres I realized that the water was becoming cleaner as to sewer water and as I was about to approach the mall there it was, the pipe had busted and the bust resulted in clean water going into waste. A lady walking past me while I was taking pictures said that the local municipality fails to replace pipes hence there is always a water pipe bust open wasting clean water. The same area had two pipe bust. If it’s not a water pipe bust it’s a sewer spill in and around near townships In Rustenburg or I the CBD itself. By Olebogeng Motene