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Maphungubwe Arts Festival Exhibition

Community alerts/Mmabore Mogashoa/ Janefurse, Ga-Mogashoa /15/12/2018, 10:25 PM]

Maphungubwe arts  festival exhibition was held in Polokwane, Library Gardens  from 10-14 December 2018. The exhibition was part of the Maphungubwe Arts Festival that was held on 15 December 2018 at Polokwane Cricket Club. The festival is held once a year. Accommodation was in Polokwane where the artists slept after exhibition,the whole week. Communities from Sekhukhune District , Vhembe and other District municipalities were there to showcase their art work. IT was a great experience. There is lot of talent in the communities and we hope they pass their knowledge to the new generation.
Products and services for that week
1.Beadwork( Tie, Earrings, necklaces, belts etc)
2. Earrings ( some made by Jakaranda and peach seeds.
3. clothes(Xibelani, Dresses)
4. Pottery
5. Fibre class work ( there was an artist who made a chair and rhino)
6. Wood work ( (Sepedi music instruments: Botsorwane, Sekgapa) Animals
7. Leather ( Animal skins, shoes, bow ties, wallets and bags, boditsi (made by animal tail and wood))
8. Glass work
9. Music( Cds and Perfomances by Tsakani Khani(Gospel), Xipompi(Tsonga Disco), Mmabore(Traditional, Hip hop), Darkface Muvhenda(Hip hop) and a young man called Jason(Jazz)
10. Art work(fine arts)
11. Books, There was a young writer Sammy Nkogatse a presenter from Mascom FM
12. Accessories  ( glass, maseka – traditional bangles, Ditlhwatlwadi, Mathosi, Digo, Thutse – used as traditional medication, sweeping grinding stones and used as brush by  our elders etc)

During perfomances Tumi also shown us his MC talent. Officials from the municipalities were also there. Most of the time people go to the shops to buy forgetting beautiful and quality products made in the villages. We hope that next year exhibitions can be held from Local municipalities to encourage people to supports local businesses. People should go to this kind of exhibitions because we don’t only see product and services, we also learn about other cultures. This builts good and stronger relationships between people. The more exhibition held will also prevent Xenophobia.

Story by Mmabore Mogashoa