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Pami and sanami committee meeting

Community Alerts, Lorraine Kakaza, Mpumalanga, Carolina, 2019/01/07

The SANAMI Committee Provincial Alternative Mining Indaba’s(Pami’s) & South African National Alternative Mining Indaba SANAMI…held a planery meeting at Northriding ,Johannesburg on the 07-08 January 2019

Preparation and drafting of a programme for PAMIs with All provinces present. we are preparing ,empowering community members so that they can advocate for their rights

We need to encourage our leaders to organise 2019 plan of action. we need to take into account what has happened from the past nine years as to where to from now onwards…

We need to look at the political impacts regarding communities,the worsening of conditions especially on Mining Affected Communities, do the programs produced implemented. what is the level of compatibility and on what are the changes we want also “What is the state of our movements we are coming from…..Does the alternative mining Indaba produce such implementations?

How do we change certain things?