Community Alerts/ Olebogeng Motene/Rustenburg/21/01/19

My curiosity took the best of me after posting about the water bust I witnessed in Paardekraal and told the water department official who was dropping the water bill on Thursday the 17th about the bust, by then I thought the pipe was fixed but sadly when I passed along the stream where the bust is located nearby on Saturday the 19th the pipe was still leaking.

I recall being puzzled by this because there is an office that looks into water levels around the Rustenburg Local Municipality to monitor such and I thought directing the official who dropped off the bill to the problem would help, pity he had no name tag so I can name to shame him.

As I went to buy vegetables at the mall I realized that it appears as if the municipality came to somehow to fix the pipe but unfortunately they did not do a good job as it’s still leaking due to pressure and one can just say this means the pipe might reopen or bust elsewhere the pressure is too much. This simply means a quick job was done and more litres of water go to waste.  (View the video) By Olebogeng Motene