Community alerts/Mmabore Mogashoa/ Skinoord, Ga-Mogashoa/31/01/2019, 12:33 PM]

  Some sections of Ward 13 in Tshehlwaneng under Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality has been without electricity throughout the week. On 30 January, the electricity came back and was gone again. Some of the community members said that they heard a ‘loud bang’ and a smoke coming from the electricity poles where there is a transformer. I quickly called the ward councillor to let him know that we are in ‘Dark city’. It looks as if the councillor was not aware of that as some sections next to Mogashoa Primary school had electricity. This morning I went to check where the problem is and it looks as if there is an ‘open circuit’. I called the ward committee member to let her know that we have no electricity and she promised to speak to the councillor. We are still waiting for Eskom people to come and fix the problem.  The village roads are not in good condition as a result of rain and other community members collecting sand to build their houses and make bricks. It is difficult to walk or drive if is dark because most of the houses are surrounded by aloes and trees which make it difficult to see if there is no electricity. There are no street lights and if is dark you can’t even see that far. Our kids will have to go to school with un-ironed school uniforms or we have to burn wood and use old methods of ironing before we had electricity, same as in the morning when we prepare bathing water. It is also difficult to help our children with school homework at night. Candles does not provide enough light as we are used to electricity lights.

Story by Mmabore