Community alerts/ Mmabore Mogashoa/ Skinoord, Ga-Mogashoa/19/02/2019, 8:54 PM]

Most of traditional water pumps are not working so if there is water crises people have no other options but to go fetch water at Semene River or buy water. It costs R150 for 200l water tank which is a problem for pensioners and unemployed people.

In January Mr Mamaile was asked by the women to help with the water. He then connected pipes passing at Ga-Mphela. The source of the water in Moeding in Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality Ward 13. The women each donated for water pipe, clamps and joints. Unfortunately, the pipe was not enough. They had to use wheelbarrow to fetch water where the pipe ends. It is hot and for them to fetch water was a problem, they had to come up with a plan.


In the 2nd week of February Mr Ngwato went from door to door to collect R120 from each household to buy another pipe and clamps. He then connected the pipes. They wanted water to reach their homes because pushing a wheelbarrow is no child’s play.


On February 2018 they realised that the water is leaking. The women had to dig again to see where the problem is. The little leaking that they saw on top of the soil was just a warning sign that huge amounts of litres are going to the ground. The pipe had a big opening, since it was connected when there was no water, he couldn’t see it.


13 February 2018 new clamps were bought. Our mothers had to go dig again and fix the pipe and Mr Mamaile was helping them tying the clamps. They spend the whole day outside in a hot day to sort the water problem. They waited for their turn because they get water once a week. If there are no leakages then it would be a relieve to them.


Some of the pipes are visible because of rain and each household will be responsible to cover their visible water pipe. The little problem with the water is that is a bit salty. We grew up drinking same water now it has changed. If water is left for 2 to 3 days it start showing white particles.  19 February 2019, water came and there was no problem.

Story by: Mmabore Mogashoa