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Community alert/ Margret Molomo/Mokopane/06/03/2019, 10:36 PM]

In Mokopane Limpopo ga kgubudi and ga  Sekgoboko village today young learners from Kgopedinota lower primary school from grate 3-7,were toitoing (protest) against their principal after he refused to the learners not to participate on sports . the principal told the learners that the is no money. That’s where problems started. Learners went out of the gate chanting and singing revolutionary songs running to the other lower primary school called Sepedi junior school for solidarity . an fortunately the security guards at Sepedi locked the gate. On their way back they call their parents to join them. Their teachers also joined them. It’s alleged that 2 million is missing. For the past 7 years Kgopedinota learners are not participating on sports locally even Provential.

Story by: Margret Molomo

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