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Residence protest over service delivery

Community Alerts, Mpumalanga, Carolina, Lorraine Kakaza, 2019/04/04

Residents protest over service delivery

Dozen of residents have vowed to bring Alexandra to a complete standstill
They are protesting trying to express their desperation,anger of frustration against authorities who have for years ignored people’s need for safe, healthy and developed environments. It’s happening almost every day in many town across South Africa.People still feel that there is a huge which inequality gap between Sandton and Alexandra the standard of living ,Sandton is not affected is still business as usual.

I would advise that if you got a car don’t even use it some roads /exit points are close due to protest. If you already using your car Please avoid using the highway north of Gilloys interchange towards Alexandra

Community leaders tried to engage with the Police trying to stop them from using rubber bullet

Local shops will be closed because the shop owners fear that their shops may be looted.

Today the community convenor Sandile suggest that they need to stop protesting today and go to Sandton,they will reconvene later today to find a way forward with community.

Protest started yesterday 03 April 2019still continues today 04 April 2019