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Community alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakoane/Moroke Sekutlong Section/25/04/2019, 10:24 PM] :

In Limpopo province under fetakgomo Tubatse local municipality around Sekhukhune district in Ward 15 there’s a village called “Masete” Next to Shakung Village aside from R37 Road. We found a Malatji Family with unfinished RDP that our government failed to finish it since last year and there’s no communication between the family and the project manager/ Counsellor e.t.c. They are Five in number living in a Shack and they are living with disabled person and that person doesn’t have ID book so that he can apply for Sassa Grant for living. I was shock hearing and seeing that. Our government doesn’t take people serious what they care is their family and family only no one else and we are suffering on the ground. Story by : Tokelo