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Community alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakoane/Moroke Sekutlong section/25/04/2019, 8:42 AM]

Ward 14 we have seven(7) villages 1. In Habeng village There’s two Dams the other supply the village called Motene and the water doesn’t reach there and the residents said is because of the salt that block the pipes inside and on other section the water is not enough to supply the entire community. 2. Motloulela village The community need extension of boreholes so that the entire community can got water. 3. Moshira village The community need extension of machine  recently they are using small machine and other section the water doesn’t reach 4. Magobading village The community have been divided by Mine called Twickenham by not make a borehole that can supply the entire community but relocated people and other thing is that the Mine donated by Water Tanks but the didn’t connect them and it doesn’t have borehole. In the village there’s a guy who have been volunteer to pump without payment until today. 5. Mathule village In the village there’s a project of water and that project create disagreements within the community because the contractor made wrong connection cause now the pipes get inside the hole, what must happen now they must remove that pipes and reconnect them. And other boreholes doesn’t function it need to be checked. 6. Moroke Village The have four boreholes and two dams that supply the community but now the borehole that is function is one and some of pipes has been broken and the water is linking around the community and now some of the section don’t get water it need side inspection. 7. Sekutlong village In the village there’s one borehole and house connection but  is not functioning and now the community fecth water from the River that contaminated by Mine or the they buy water from local people, what is need in the village is new borehole and steel Tank/Dam and connect with house connection so that the community can have water.


Story by : Tokelo Mahlakoane