Community alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakoane/ Moroke Sekutlong village/05/05/2019, 10:04 PM]

We as black people when we welcome a person we welcome him/ her with two hands. Now if we can check we welcomed a Somalians with two hands and we took our Cars from the Garages leave under the tree just hire the Somalians and make them feel at home and now they are owning our Garage. The problem that I have with them is one thing, they are selling things that they are not healthy to our body. Today when I was cooking I found something in my Maize Meal(bupi), when they were talking about them I thought they are lying or they just hate them, they were saying 90℅ of their product is fake because they do it in their own while 10℅ is Original, So after what I saw I become to believe the rumours. Before everyone cook please check your things carefully


Alert by: Tokelo Mahlakoane