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Water scarcity in some parts of the villages.

Water is a basic need and people can’t live without water. It is the 07 May 2019 at Mogashoa village under Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality. Some of the village members have to take wheelbarrow to go fetch water while others have water going in to their homes. Other sections of the village have water while others don’t. There are water pipes passing front those sections to others and is painful for water to pass where you stay without getting even a litre. The old man who came to fetch water is from next to Semene river. The distance from the river and where he fetch water is equal and he will also be happy to get clean water like other community members. We hope that after the elections people from the village will all have clean water. Some of the people still buy water. Water is used every day and with the level of unemployment in the communities others have no other option but to push wheelbarrows. By Mmabore [05/07, 7:43 PM] Mmabore Mogashoa: Artist workshop Music workshop was held on 03 May 2019 at Magale Secondary school, Maserum part Nebo in Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality. The workshop was done by Miriri production for Sekhukhune District Municipality communities. Miriri production is a company that saw a need to educate artists in the Sekhukhune area to better their lives through music.  Artist in the music industry are becoming poor and poor as a result of lack of knowledge. Workshops like this will help musicians, producers, song writers, poets, arts and culture communities as a whole. The following were covered in the workshop: 1. Branding How artist should live and brand themselves. How should their products and services be branded. 2. Challenges faced by artists 3. Guidelines to writting a song 4. Basic financial management  People should spend their money wisely, invest and have other businesses also. 5. Samro registrations Artists should register music with SAMRO so that their royalties can be paid. Other organizations like RISA, IMPRA, CAPASSO, SAMPRA are of great help to artists. 6. Music contracts What to do before an artist can sign a contract. 7. Basic marketing How artists can market themselves, their products and services. Music is a career and artist need to take that seriously. Is a calling and through music people can change the world. Kabelo from Culture spears in Botswana, DjMimmz Africa, Selina from Samro, Lerato from Mponi group and …from South African Music Industry shared information with the Artists. Certificates for participation were awarded on 04 May 2019. We hope that Miriri production can do more workshops to improve the lives of our people.


By Mmabore Mogashoa