Community Alerts, by Andrew Matshiane, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni,Vosman,2019 May

Causes air pollution in the highveld region
The problem that we experience in Emalahleni, Vosman area is air pollution caused by the mines near us. On 24 April 2016 as communities around Emalahleni, Vosman and all Extensions (Ezinambeni) we had a respiratory health problem dialogue whereby during the dialogue, a mine worker who understands the impacts of mining and the dangers it poses to the affected communities. ” He said we all know that the coal fired power stations, the coal mines are the cause of the pollution in our region and that’s why it is like this”. He pointed out that we as communities are victims and that mines and our government are doing nothing about it and that health risks are big in the communities than in the mining industry because the mines have doctors and good machines that screen their health so that they can be able to treat the illnesses and that’s why mine workers are healthy than the community members. He also said instead of saying let’s close the mines why can’t we ask all those mines to build clinics for the communities affected, equip them with qualified Doctors, nurses and put in all the necessary machines, to adopt all the big hospitals and clinics and also allocate doctors and nurses.
It is true the coal dust from the mines are a problem, a big serious problem and its dangerous because people are sick because of the air pollution.
By Andrew Matshiane
Vosman, Sinqobile environmental group