Community alerts/ Victoria Makgoo/ Morapeneng Village/14/06/2019, 9:51 PM] 

Sekhukhune Environmental Justice Network  youth day was held on the 14 June 2019 at Ditwebeleng village attended by secondary school, members of SEJN, Ditwebeleng home-base care, Recyclers ,University student and Ditwebeleng Community Police forum, The event was supported by Sponsor -climate change is already here experienced by floods, droughts and extreme weather across South Africa e.g the Kwa-Zulu-Natal floods and drought in the Eastern and Western Cape, studies show it is already making South Africa poorer and more inequal. -Older generations have failed to take adequate climate action so youth are stepping up demanding action to protect their future climate chaos before it’s too late. Numbers of the action will be part of the global youth -led Friday for future school strikes for climate. -We owe a debt of gratitude to the youth of 1976 who will fought Apartheid and injustice .Today’s youth are finding their voice to tackle the interconnected  And compound crises of climate change, unemployment, poverty and inequality. -A transformative climate justice agenda can create a job for youth who can make a living creating a better future .That’s why we are calling for rapid and just transition to 100% renewable energy-power future. * Resolution for today 1.Engage municipality about climate justice. 2.We form Environmental group. 3.Educate members of community and school leaners. 4.We need workshop everybody who can see climate justice e.g Awareness and Campaigns. Story by: Makgoo Victoria (SEJN)