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The discovery of an important source of water in Vosman

Community Alerts, by Susan Moraba, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Kwaguqa, 2019 May

In Emalahleni Vosman area there is water coming from the ground (ground water) which is school children after school passby and collect to drink on their way home. The water is rupting from the ground on the street next to a flowing sewer which might be a risk to the water as it’s clean for drinking. When on a field work we passed by the street primary and secondary school children were collecting the water and drinking, when I asked the primary school boys why are they drinking the water and if they know where it comes from they said. ‘ the water is clean to drink and they are far more better than tap water as tap water is dirty and smells bad, they also said this is ground water so we sometimes come and collect the water to drink’.
We collected the water to test the TDS and acidity levels and if it’s clean and drinkable, we found it’s clean and has no chemicals or acid in it, it’s as pure as a tear drop. Our worry is that the clean water will be affected by the sewer flowing as it’s all over Vosman area and it’s on every street from the residents drainage system and the main sewer drainage system in their yards. The local municipality will be contacted with regard to this water source as it needs to be saved and protected from being polluted and for community members to utilize this water.