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The unbearable situation at Vosman

Community Alerts, by Collen Jolobe, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Vosman, Kwaguqa, May 2019

At Emalahleni in Vosman they have a problem with the sewer which is flowing in the streets. The sewer is flowing next to the yard in one of the members of the community, and It smells very bad while walking through the street, you can hold your breath, but that’s how the members of the community of Vosman they have to go through.
The sewer it’s even flowing nearby were  the ground water is, as the children who pass by from school drinks the water from the ground water.
they say that it is a safe  water to drink, so as it is now going to be polluted  it will be a healthy hazard.
The community member said that they have reported the matter to the municipality, and they came to fix the problem, but it keeps on coming back. The situation is unbearable, and  to live in such conditions it’s not good for our health.