Community alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakoane/ Moroke Sekutlong/09/07/2019, 3:24 PM
On July 2018 the project came to our village from  NBS Leaning and development that was under SETA. They are dealing with Cleaning and Hygiene, the Youth from different sections (Mathule,Diefo and Sekutlong) were hired. They are 20 in numbers plus other youth from moshira village. The project was supposed to start last year around  September 2018 but due to their circumstances they start on 23 April 2019 unfortunately they Stop them on 20 May 2019. When they were stop it was  said Module One is Finish and they must wait until Module 2 is finalized. They wait without payment, the were supposed to get paid on 23 May. On 20 June they gather and seen what they can do about this issue because the have debts hoping they will get paid. We tried to send emails and contact the relevant people but we didn’t get respond. Today on 09 July we went to CCMA to lounge Complain about SETA. Around Sekhukhune there’s a place called Ga-Mongatane they experience same issue but they never have plan to take this issue further. What SETA do they are tactics that they use to rob our youth/Community, they make people to sign Learner Contract fast without read and make copies.

So now we are waiting a respond of we are going to Court or what.

Tokelo Mahlakoane