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71 bags of cement stolen in school

Actionvoices alerts/ Mmabore Mogashoa/ Schinoord, Ga- Mogashao/04/08/2019, 2:08 PM]

 One Bag of cement is heavy but 71 bags of 50kg cement were stolen at Mogashoa Primary school under Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality in Ga-Mogashoa village, South Africa on the  just few days before the school reopens after the June/July holidays. The cements were bought to make paving at the school to reduce the dust caused by soil. The dust affects children when they play in the school premises. The windows are also dirty because it. On  09 July 2019 parents received letter to attend a meeting the following day to discuss the matter. Only few parents attended while there are 471 children in the school. The mobile class lock was broken then 71 cement out of 80 that was stolen. It is not for the first time that things were stolen in the school, food was also stolen previously and case opened but unfortunately no one was arrested. It is an old school in ward13 which is attended by Grade R to Grade 7s. Security is a big issue at the school. We hope that government can assist in proper security measures. Another matter that was been discussed was the progress of the children. Parents were also adviced to check their children’s books to see if they are doing their school work. Some of the grade 7 learners are struggling as a result of the policy that requires school children to pass in the foundation phase even if they are not doing well or parents that want their children to go to the next grade. This is really affecting the school children’s progress. Foundation phase is a very important one as it is the one that prepares the children to be able to read and write. Parents were asked to anonymously contact a certain Colonel at Schonoord police station if they have information. There is no security staff at the school which makes thieves to enter the school as they like. While we were still in the meeting, we heard a huge sound of an explosive from the nearby mine at Steelpoort.

By Mmabore