Community Alerts, Collen Jolobe, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Ezinambeni, 2019/08/05

A waste on a landfill and disposable diapers a problem at zone 14
At zone 14 it’s a neighbourhood were I grew up, since I was a little boy until now I have grown. As people moved from other places it has been crowded. The biggest problem we are facing its a dumping of waste on a landfill. People dump their waste everywhere there is an open space they useit as a dumping space.

At the landfill you find all sorts of rubbish,  plastic bags,  papers and mostly disposable diapers. Disposable diapers they are non degradable, which means that they cannot be broken down, and because of that they are harmful to the environment. Everywhere you gi there is a landfill, its not good for our health.

We can take action to solve the problem of landfill waste, if we all can work together as a community. The waste from the landfill can be reused, which is by means it can be  recycling, and also the where there is a landfill it can be turned into a park. In that way we can reduce waste. The community should be educated about not to dump waste on landfill to keep the environment clean.
By Collen Jolobe