Community Alerts/Ernest Mokwate/Lesetlheng -Rustenburg/04 August 2019

The mining company has divided the community of Lesetlheng, a village in Moses Kotane Local Municipality. The community gathered on Sunday the 28th July 2019 to discuss the rift that is being caused by the mining company. This company entered their land in 2008 to start mining minerals.

It is alleged that the company is 1. colluding with the local chief and his councillors to sign contracts without the involvement of the community, 2. theĀ  company has allocated some shares to the chief and his without knowledge of the community, 3. awarded tenders and contracts to the other group of people who are against the community but in favor of the chief. The community intends to embark on scenes of strike actions to force the company to cease what is currently being done. By Ernest Mokwate