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Community Alerts/Goitse Gaborone/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/31 July 2019

Corruption has become our daily bread, corrupt activities by municipality officials and traditional leadership. The is no development that is happening in our village without corruption of our municipality and so places called lekgotla, they are very corrupt cruel people. Every time in IDP of municipal programs Motlhabe has a project to develop a village but the project is either municipality do it half or don’t do it at all. We have an internal road, which is not complete but the municipality declares as a complete project in there report. The road has no humps, stormwater, side walking even has no road sign marks. The community reported the matter to the relevant department but the municipal manager and the whole municipality including lekgotla in our village they do nothing about their matter because they know they are involved in this matter of corruption. By Goitse Gaborone