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Maths and Science Lab

Community Alerts/Amogelang Tshabalala/Sefikile/31 July 2019

In 2010 Anglo Platinum Union Mine that is today called Siyanda Bakgatla Platinum Mine built a Maths and Science lab. The lab that they presented in their SLP is different compared to the one they have built. The one that they have built has old furniture inside. What they have presented in their SLP to the DMR is different. We then started asking questions that why is it different? The mine couldn’t answer our question and we said to the mine that we are that report of them to the DMR with the current status of the lab. The mine promised to do side visits on both primary school and the high school. On the 30th of July we went to do the sides visits as promised and made a time table and the time frame on when the maths and science lab should be finished and the mine agreed to our terms. In everything they do concerning the lab I will be alerted and be part of the project until to the end. by Amogelang Tshabalala