Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Mogalakwena municipality at Limpopo province.

Actionvoices alerts/ Mpho Tjale/Mokopane /04/08/2019, 7:54 AM]

02 August 2019 Mokopane

Day 2 of shutdown at Mokopane, members of the communities marched to Mogalakwena Municipality to submit list of their grievances, members met at a garage called Caltex next to a village called Pola-park in Mokopane. While members of the communities were gathering at the garage there were also 20 members of the community were appearing in Mokopane Magistrates court for a charge of Trespassing, the court was then postponed to the 3 September 2019 for further investigations. Members left the assembly point at 10:00 to Mogalakwena municipality in their arrival they encountered a group of ANC members who were there to support the mayor Ms X, both groups where at Mogalakwena municipality are and SAPS had to intervene and dispersed the group that was there to support a Mayor stating that there was no application made. All shops in Mokopane CBD were closed and streets were empty, the March we on very well and the March was led by MCAC and MTT, in solidarity other organizations such as Cosatu, Kopano, Pastor fraternal and other political affiliates. The mayor and other officials refused to accept the memorandum and it was then agreed that the memorandum should be submitted to Mokopane SAPS station commander. Issues that were listed on the memorandum are as follows: 1. We demand that lifestyle audit to be conducted on all Mogalakwena Municipality officials and politicians in Mogalakwena municipality council. 2. We demand vetting of all officials and politicians of the municipality to check if they doing business with the state without declaring. 3. Nepotism should be investigated and be dealt with. 4. Hire qualified staff with expertise and advertisements of job opportunities should be done on medium and large communication media. 5. All temporary workers who have been with the municipality should be absorbed on permanent positions with immediate effect. 6. All charges against 20 community members arrested for fighting corruption be withdrawn with immediate effect. 7. All 100 to 200 people hired by Jabu Mashamiate unlawfully should be dismissed and Jabu vacate the office of deputy Manager of Corporate Affairs department, while investigation against his conduct is finalized. 8. Water crisis in Mogalakwena municipality must be addressed as a priority and contingency plan be initiated to resolve this problem. 9. No more outsourcing of services like security officers, they should be hired as employees of the municipality so that they can enjoy all the benefits and stop enriching individuals who happen to be directors of this security companies. 10. Priority of local development of SMMEs and entrepreneurs. 11. Supply chain must be local beneficial. 12. All companies that worked with the municipality for a period of 5years and more should excuse themselves and give opportunity to upcoming services providers. 13. Andrina Matsemela should be recalled as a mayor and also as a councillor of Mogalakwena municipality since she is no longer serving the interests of the community of Mogalakwena. 14. We demand dissolution of Mogalakwena municipality council. 15. Stanley Chupu Mathabatha must also be recalled as a premier of Limpopo Province. 16. Tilly Mashamaite, Andrina Matsemela and Jabu Mashamaite are the primary suspects over the assassination of both Vaaltyn Sanny Kekana and also Ralf Nkhanyane and they should be investigated. They were given until 12 August 2019 to respond to the memorandum. Reporter: Mpho Naka Tjale