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Sewer leakage as a big problem in Vosman

Community Alerts, Vusi Mabaso, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Vosman, 2019/08/21

In Mpumalanga Province South Africa under Emalahleni Local Municipality there is a small location named Vosman, we have a sewer problem whereby it flows in the street and children plays in it exposing themselves to sicknesses like rush and heavy breathing.
We spoke to the municipality who promised to remove the old pipes and install the new big pipes.

At Vosman as you saw the above pictures of the sewer leakages that is entering the house . It gaves a single unemployed mother an unpaid long working hours of cleaning the mess of the sewer which at the end she was in and out of the hospital and end up loosing her life.
Story by Vusi akaMabaso ( VEM )